The Alexander Technique is a sophisticated system of reorganizing one’s physical coordination through specific thoughts and accompanying muscular release. The Alexander Technique helps redistribute effort in the body so that you experience more lightness, support and tone with less tension.

Using a combination of gentle hands-on guidance and verbal direction Alexander teachers help students release patterns of compression, collapse and excessive effort in the body. With practice of the Technique, individuals unleash the power of the postural support musculature, leading to increased energy, freedom of movement, and dynamic equilibrium. The Technique can be beautifully integrated into all types of physical activities, and will even improve practices like running/jogging, yoga, martial arts, and dance.

Frederick Matthais Alexander was a Shakespearean orator (actor) in the 1890s who experienced vocal trouble during performance. He realized that his vocal problems were caused by poor physical habits and developed the Technique as a way to re-educate his body and mind as a whole.

ANYONE of ANY age can benefit from lessons in the Technique. Musicians, actors, dancers, and singers commonly study the Technique to keep their instrument working optimally. Those who experience chronic pain typically find that regular lessons relieve pain and improve their quality of life. Additionally, individuals interested in body/mind disciplines and/or alternative self-care methods are often drawn to the Technique.